Adult Lessons.

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From there, if you don't see the program that you are looking for, make sure to select the appropriate category button at the top of the page. (e.g. "Spring Programs").

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Adult Lessons

Our adult clinics are designed to help you learn to play as quickly as possible, feel welcome at the Club and compete in friendly point play; sessions will cover the tactical, technical, physical and psychological aspects of the game and are open to all members*.

Important Notes: 

Adult Programs

1.0-1.5 (Beginner)

This program offers the fundamentals of technique, movement and tactics – learn and train the basics that carry forward no matter how advanced you become and get playing real tennis games right away.

Day & Time: Mon / Wed (6-7 p.m.) – Court 1

2.0-2.5 (Advanced Beginner)

Whether you have an athletic background or previous experience in tennis, this class will help you advance all aspects of your doubles and singles play in a tactics-based setting.

Day & Time: Mon / Wed (6-7 p.m.) – Court 2

3.0 (Intermediate)

As you progress through the ranks, this class will help you move, anticipate, and out-rally other Club players at the baseline, net and with both serves.

Day & Time:

Wed (7-8 p.m.) – Court 1

Thurs (6-7 p.m.) – Court 2

3.5 (Intermediate)

Focus in on strategic phases of play, make better decisions, and tweak your game to compete with the “A” players.

Day & Time:

Wed (8-9 p.m.) – Court 2 

Min 2 / Max 8 Participants

Fri (6-7 p.m.) – Court 2 

Min 2 / Max 4 Participants

Doubles for Life (3.0+)*

Move and win as a team, learn key shots, and train the tactics that elevate your league or social doubles.

*RATING REQUIRED upon Registration (Session 1 allows for a self-rating if you are still unrated) 

Day & Time:

Wed (9-10 p.m.) – Courts 1 & 2

4.0+ (Adult High Performance)

High Intensity, high volume, advanced tactics and live ball training—even the Pro’s need to train!

Day & Time:

Wed (8-9 p.m.) – Court 2

Fri (6-7 p.m.) – Court 1

Adult Specialized Lessons

Tennis Movement & Fitness

Dynamic training with high volume basket-feeding, tennis movement patterns and live ball play to tie it all together.

Day & Time:

Tues, 6-7 p.m. (Level 2.5-3.0) – Court 1

Thurs, 6-7 p.m. (Level 3.5+) – Court 1

Shot & Strategy of the Week (Weekly Sign-up - NOT by Session)

Get technical tips on the shot, learn when to use it, and put it into play to win more points in effective patterns of play.

Day & Time*:

Tues (Level 2.5-3.0; 6-7 p.m.) – Court 2

Wed (Level 3.5+; 7-8 p.m.) – Court  2

*Registration will open 6 days prior, and close 24 hrs prior to start time 

Cost: $22.50 (weekly sign-up)

Participants: Min 2 / Max 4