Discipline Policy

Discipline Policy

The Board may by resolution revoke (for the remainder of the year) or suspend (for part of the year) the membership of a Member for cause which shall include serious transgressions of the Club’s Rules and Regulations, as contained in the Club Handbook and/or posted on the Club’s website, as modified from time to time, or for interfering with other Members’ reasonable use and enjoyment of the Club’s facilities, subject to the following:

  1. Initial attempts to resolve the issue will be made by clubhouse staff and / or appropriate Board members. This may include a warning that membership may be suspended or revoked if the Member fails to cease the transgression.

  2. If the issue persists, the appropriate Board member, such as the Club President or Secretary, shall give at least 48 hours’ notice to such Member that a meeting of the Board will be held at which the Board will consider the revocation or suspension of his/her membership. The Board will advise the Member that he/she is entitled to attend the meeting and give the reasons why he/she opposes the proposed revocation or suspension of membership.

  3. Within seven (7) days after such meeting, the President, and/or the Board member designated by the President, shall inform the Member, through a written notice, as to whether or not there will be a disciplinary action or termination of Membership and the reasons for such decision.

  4. Upon receipt of the written notice, the Member will have five (5) days to give the Board a written submission opposing the disciplinary action or termination.

  5. Within ten (10) days after sending the written notice to the Member, the Board may pass a resolution authorizing disciplinary action or the termination of Membership for violating any provision of the Club rules or By-laws. The Board shall consider the written submission of the Member, if provided, before making a final decision regarding disciplinary action or termination of Membership.

  6. The decision of the Board is final, and binding and no appeal is allowed.

  7. A Member whose membership has been suspended will have his/her membership reinstated at the end of the suspension period as determined by the Board. A Member whose membership has been revoked will again be eligible for membership to the Club within exactly 1 year from the date the membership revocation was issued.


  • If the complaint involves a Board member, said Board member must excuse themselves throughout the disciplinary process to avoid conflict of interest.

  • Notwithstanding this Discipline Policy, serious violation of the Club’s Code of Conduct may result in immediate and temporary disciplinary action as per the City’s Suspension and Ban Policy.

  • Notwithstanding this Discipline Policy, the Board may also refer to HPTC’s Abuse and Harassment Policy to address complaints of abuse and harassment.