Ratings Policy

You have to attend a Rating Session before you can participate in HPTC’s programs, including the Ladder, House League, and Club Tournament.

Ratings Policy

What to expect at your free 1st Rating Session

  • Your 1st Rating may take place with up to six players on a court.

  • Each 1st Rating can last up to 20 minutes, as the Tennis Pro leads players through a series of low impact assessments so he/she can judge your general playing abilities.

  • You do not find out the results of your rating right away. Our staff will update your account profile to accurately reflect your Member Rating.

  • You will receive a NTRP rating anywhere from 1.0 (a beginner) to 7.0 (professional tour player).

  • Cancellations to a rating session should be made as soon as possible by contacting our staff. If you have to cancel in the last 24 hours before the session, a re-booking penalty of $10 will be applied.

What to expect at a Re-Rating Session

  • You can attend up to two Re-Rating sessions per season at a cost of $10 each.

  • A Re-Rating is a much more extensive session than a 1st Rating. In the 1st Rating, you were assessed based on your technical ability. In a Re-Rating, you are assessed on your technical, tactical, physical, and psychological abilities.

  • A Re-Rating is limited to a maximum of four players per session and can last up to 30 minutes. The Tennis Professional leads players through a series of drills to challenge your abilities for whichever level you are attempting to achieve.

  • 48 hours after the Re-Rating Session, the Tennis Professional will provide members with an individualized breakdown of each player’s session results by email.

  • If a player’s NTRP rating changes as a result of the session, that player’s rating will be updated by the staff shortly after receiving confirmation from the Tennis Professional.

  • Member Re-Ratings are not mandatory. If a member chooses to attempt a Re-Rating, they should become familiar with the NTRP rating criteria provided on this page.


  • Players must be available for the full hour shown. Your exact start time will be assigned 48 hours before the rating session.

  • Please note that by registering for a re-rating session, you have committed to that time slot on the court. You can reschedule your participation up to 24 hours before the event. If you have to cancel within the last 24 hours, you will still be charged the $10 fee.