Court Booking Rules & Guest Policy.

Please read carefully our court-booking rules.

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Court Booking Rules

For example: if today is Sunday and the time is 16:30, you will be able to book as far out as next Saturday for a 16:30 court time.

Prime time sessions have start times between 5:30pm and 9pm Monday to Friday.

On the booking grid, prime time sessions are colour-coded RED and non-prime time sessions are colour-coded BLACK.

For example: if today is May 17th, and you book 1 session for May 19th, 1 session for May 21st, and 1 session for May 22nd, then today (the day you book 3 sessions in advance) you are “out of token”. However, by the time you finish playing your May 19th session, you will have 1 token freed-up and you can start booking another session.

Keep in mind that participating in certain programs may cost a booking token. See Notes below for details.

Notes on NAB: 

If the intention is to play doubles back to back, one pair of names may be used to book the first session, then the other pair of names may be used to book the second session. 

For example: it is possible to play if you happen to be at the club and you are invited to replace a no-show/late show player, or play an impromptu doubles game.

Keep in mind: this is not an invitation to “game the system” – see rule 14. The basic rule of thumb is "if you planned it, use your token".


Note that Practice Serve is not allowed during prime time sessions (NAB overrides this restriction).

To book Court 3 for Practice Serve, select “Practice Serves” in the Player 2 input box. 

A high rate of cancellations less than 60 minutes before the start time may result in penalty. 

A suspiciously high cancelling to playing ratio may result in penalty. 

Do not ask our staff to do court cancellations for you. You have to do this yourself online. Note that court cancellations can only be done by the person who “owns” the booking. If you are not the owner of the booking, reach out to the owner of the booking and ask them to remove your name. 

During a Booking suspension, members may book courts using the NAB (Non-Advance Booking) method only.


Each of the below activities will cost you 1 (one) Any-Time booking token:

Each of the below activities will cost you 1 (one) Non-Prime Time booking token:

Additional Booking Rules

Guest Policy

Note:  Maximum guest fee is $10 per day. If you had to pay more than $10 per day for the guest fee, contact the office to get the difference credited. 

For a step-by-step instruction on how to book with a guest, click here


When are courts available for booking?

Courts are rolled out 6 days in advance by time of day. For example, on Monday at 5pm, you can book a court as far out as Sunday, 5pm. Another example, on Monday at 7:20pm, you can book a court as far out as Sunday, 7:20pm.

How many courts can I book in advance?

At any given time, you can have up to 2 any-time court bookings and 1 non-prime time court booking in the rolling 6 days.

Can I book back to back sessions?

Back to back court bookings are allowed. However, during prime time sessions, back to back bookings are allowed for doubles only. This means BOTH bookings have to be doubles. NAB (Non-Advance Booking) overrides this restriction.

How do I book unreserved courts without using a token?

Courts unreserved within 2 (two) hours from the starting time can be booked without using your booking tokens. Such bookings are called NAB (Non-Advance Booking).

How do I book a court for serve practice?

Serve practice can only be done on Court 3 and is only allowed during non-prime sessions. However, NAB allows you to practice serve on court 3 during a prime time session. 

To book Court 3 for serve practice, select “Practice Serves” in the Player 2 input box.

How do I invite and play with a guest?

You do it through the online booking. Guest fees must be paid in the system during the booking process before the court booking is confirmed. 

Refer to our Guest Policy for more details.

For a step-by-step instruction on how to book with a guest, click here.

If a court is sitting empty, can I use it without booking it?

Yes. Courts that are unbooked may be used by both non-members and members and must be shared by switching at every top and bottom of the hour. Our staff has the right to ask anyone using an unbooked court to leave if access is needed to the court.