Club Governance & Rules.

Howard Park Tennis Club is a community tennis club operated under the auspices of the City of Toronto.

We are a not-for-profit corporation run by a volunteer Board of Directors.

HPTC Code of Conduct

At HPTC, we promote a safe, welcoming, positive, inclusive environment where people are valued and respected. Everyone is expected to be considerate, to respect people and their rights and to show proper care and regard for City property and the property of others.

Examples of unacceptable behaviour:

  • verbal assaults directed at another person that are aggressive,

  • intimidating, or have the objective of inciting violence;

  • threats and attempts to intimidate;

  • physical acts of violence;

  • attempts to incite violence in others;

  • vandalism to building or property owned or permitted by PFR;

  • racial or ethnic slurs;

  • attitudes or practices that support ableism (that which devalues or limits potential of a person with a disability)

  • derogatory or offensive language related to sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity;

  • illegal consumption of alcohol or drugs;

  • selling or trafficking goods on City property;

  • harassment;

  • viewing, producing or exhibiting lewd, illegal or offensive materials (e.g. pornography, material promoting hatred, etc.);

  • theft.

General Club Rules

  1. Please be respectful and courteous towards all members, guests and staff of the Club at all times, on the courts and in and around the Clubhouse.

  2. The Clubhouse is for the use of members and their guests only.

  3. Alcoholic beverages and pets are not allowed inside the Clubhouse or on the courts.

  4. Smoking or vaping is not permitted in the Clubhouse, within nine metres of the Clubhouse entrance, or on or around the tennis courts.

  5. Smoking or vaping cannabis is not permitted on the grounds of the Club and public areas within 20 metres of these grounds.

  6. Club property must be respected and members and their guests are liable to reimburse the Club for any damage they cause.

  7. During play, appropriate tennis attire and non-marking athletic shoes (tennis shoes highly recommended) must be worn at all times. Offensive wording or logos are not allowed.

  8. No more than 4 balls are allowed per court, except on Court 3 where you can use a basket of balls provided that the net divider is utilized.

  9. For the safety of all members, no bicycles, roller blades or baby strollers, and the like are allowed on court.

  10. Unless authorized by HPTC, you are not allowed, while at our facility, to sell or offer or display for sale:

    • Any food, drink or refreshment;

    • Any goods, wares, merchandise or articles; and/or

    • Any art, skill, service or work.

Court Etiquette

  1. Wait until there is a break in play before walking behind other member’s court or opening a gate.

  2. Do not cross onto other courts in order to retrieve balls. You may be interrupting play by doing so. Be courteous to fellow tennis players when asking them to retrieve your tennis balls; wait for a break in play.

  3. Any court dispute that members are not able to resolve must be referred to the Club staff for resolution. The staff person will gather relevant information from the parties in dispute and make a decision. This decision is binding and must be respected by all concerned. If a member believes the decision is not in accordance with the Club Rules, they may write to the Club President for further consideration and, if appropriate, follow-up action.