Ball Machine Policy.

Eligible Users

  • Must be a member in good standing.

  • Must be 18 years of age or older to operate the machine.

  • Members who are under the age of 18 must be supervised by an accompanying member adult, or Howard Park Tennis Club tennis professional, at all times.

Terms of Use

  • Fee. Eligible users may use the machine at a cost of $5

  • Policy Acknowledgement. The user must confirm that they have read the Ball Machine Policy before the ball machine reservation can be confirmed.

  • Proof of a Valid ID. If asked by staff, the user must present a valid ID before using the ball machine.

  • Tutorial. A user must complete a tutorial on the use of the ball machine with the staff prior to using the machine.

  • Court Use. The ball machine can only be used on Court 3, where a divider net is in place to minimize disruption of regular court use.

  • Allowed Hours. The ball machine may be used only during non prime-time session (except for NAB) and only during staffed hours.

  • Court Booking. It is the responsibility of the member to secure the court booking.

  • Maximum Usage per Day. The battery only lasts for approximately 2.5 hours. So only 2 sessions per day maximum are allowed.

  • Set-Up & Return. Members may ask staff to help move the ball machine onto the court and back provided that staff is not busy. For the safety of the user and the machine itself, do not use the stairs. Use the ramp along the Nature Centre.

  • Switch-over Courtesy. The court must be clear and ready to be turned over to the next court booking at the court switch-over time.

  • Safe Usage. The user must ensure that the machine is used appropriately and operated in a safe manner.

  • Responsibility. The member must remain on the court with the machine at all times.

  • Wet Balls. Do not put wet tennis balls into the ball machine.

  • Remote Control Liability. The member is responsible for the return of the ball machine remote control. If the remote control unit is lost, broken or damaged, the member is responsible for a replacement fee of $120. Failure to pay this fee may result in suspension of court booking privileges or suspension/cancellation of membership.

How to Book a Ball Machine

  1. Check the ball machine availability on this Calendar. Note that only 2 sessions per day maximum are allowed.

  2. Email or call the staff to book the ball machine and have your name listed on the Calendar.

  3. It is then your responsibility to book a session on Court 3 using "Practice Serves". Note that the ball machine may only be used during non prime-time session (except for NAB) and only during staffed hours.

  4. The day of,

    • please bring a valid ID in case our staff needs to confirm your membership

    • please bring a credit card to pay for the rental fee