Club Tournament.

The Club Tournament is the perfect way to end the season. Test the skills you've worked on throughout the season and see how you stack up against fellow members.

Winners get prizes and, of course, bragging rights!

Do you have what it takes to become an HPTC champion!?


  • Cost: $5 per player for singles, $5 per team for doubles

  • Registration opens in 2023.

  • You must have a rating to enter!

  • When signing up for a Doubles Tournament, you must already have your partner's name confirmed (i.e. you cannot sign-up solo).

  • Minimum age is 14.


Stay tuned for dates in 2023!


  • If you chose to play in the co-ed category, you cannot play in the ladies category

  • Minimum participants is 6 per category. If it's less than 6, tournament organizer may cancel the category

Availability Requirement

You must be available on the following days and times:

  • Every day of the week of the tournament that you signed-up for, except for the Wednesday

  • Monday, Tuesday & Thursday between 19:00 and 23:00

  • Friday between 19:00 and 21:00

  • Saturday & Sunday between 11:00 and 21:00

  • Finals Day TBD between 11:00 and 21:00

  • Rain out Finals Day TBD

The Draw

  • Draws will be posted on the Friday before the week of the tournament.

  • Once the draws are set, no adjustments will be made, except under special circumstances.

  • If player name(s) are omitted from the draw due to administrative error, the draw will be redone.

  • If player(s) are omitted from a tournament and cannot provide proof of registration, unfortunately the player(s) will not be participating in the tournament and the draw will not be redone.

  • Each player has the responsibility to find out when their first match is scheduled.

  • Seeded players are determined by the Programs Committee based on the input of the Head Pro.

  • Tournament draws with fewer than 8 participants may be cancelled or combined.

  • Substitutions may be made prior to completion of the first round. However, if seedings are impacted by the substitution, the Tournament Director may re-do the draw.

Match Format

Until Quarterfinal, the format is Fast Four:

  • best 2 of 3 sets

  • each set is a race to 4 games

  • win by 2 games at 3 games all, win by a 7 point tie-break at 4 games all

  • 3rd set is a 10-point tiebreak

  • 2 hour time limit

  • with-ad scoring (i.e. no sudden death)

For Semifinals & Finals, the format is Full Set:

  • best 2 of 3 sets

  • each set is a race to 6 games

  • win by 2 games at 5 games all, win by a 7 point tie-break at 6 games all

  • 3rd set is a 10-point tiebreak

  • 3 hour time limit

  • with-ad scoring (i.e. no sudden death)

Match Rules


  • Players get a 10 minutes to warm-up.

  • If a player or team is given a penalty for being late, they are allowed a full warm-up from that point in time (10 minutes) without additional penalty.


  • For every 5 full minutes that a player is late for a match, that player/team will lose one game, starting at the 5 minute mark.

  • At the 15 minute mark the player/team will automatically be defaulted.

Rescheduling Matches

  • Matches are to be played during club hours on the day and time scheduled, without exception

  • A match may be rescheduled if:

    • There is a rain delay of more than 30 minutes.

    • The match has been cancelled by the tournament director (or someone on their behalf) due to weather conditions.

    • The tournament director (or someone on their behalf) feels that it would be fair and appropriate, under the circumstances, to reschedule the match.


  • Failure to play a match due to injury may result in default.

Code of Conduct

  • Tournament rules are to be strictly followed.

  • Failure to comply with on-court conduct and sportsmanship policies will result in that player being disqualified.