Mural Project.

This season, one of the Board's main objectives is to improve the look and feel of our clubhouse. We want to create facilities that show off HPTC as the amazing club it is. 

As we work to spruce up the interior of the clubhouse, we have initiated a project that will bring life and energy into the space, as well as give us an opportunity to partner with businesses hoping to support the club. The artwork chosen will fill the large, blank canvass of the back wall on the second floor, creating a beautiful space for members to enjoy.  

A Call for Artists

Do you have a knack for visual design? Are you a tennis fan or recognize the names Serena Williams and Roger Federer? Then this project might be for you! The goal of the project is to visually improve the space where members relax and socialize, with the main themes of tennis and community to fuel the design. 

Check out the full Design Brief here and Mural Requirements here.

Submission deadline is March 22nd, 2023.

A Call for Sponsors 

Do you want to support a community tennis club and increase your brand recognition? We are looking for sponsors for our mural project who will be able to display their logos near the artwork, as an expression of their partnership with Toronto's best community tennis club. 

Check out the full Sponsorship Logo Brief here and Mural Requirements here.

If you have any questions, please contact David Wang our Facilities Director