2019 Team Tennis Information & Rosters

Howard Park is proud to offer a vibrant and competitive teams program!  Our club participates in the InterCounty Tennis Association league with Mixed and Ladies’ teams, as well as the Toronto Ladies Tennis League(TLTL).  In 2019 the club will field the following evening Mixed teams: Majors (Tues), B-team x 1 (Tues), C-Team x 2 (Thurs), plus two additional Ladies teams: Ladies A (Wed morning), and Ladies (Monday night).

All members have the opportunity to attend team tryouts in order to vie for a much-coveted spot on a Howard Park roster. Team play at Howard Park is competitive, however, the fun and cooperative environment also fosters lifelong friendships.

Majors Team

Mark Macdonald (C)
Lisa Whyatt (CC)

Stan S.
Teg Brar
Sungmin Yoon
Asi Levron
Thomas Logdn
Steve Andrulis
Manuel Botella
Daniel Cibula
Carlos Duran
Nicholas Cheung
Marcel Ferrari
Mohammed Zaid
Dominik Nowak
Angelica Sidorenko
Zoe Asterio-Correa
Andrea Guspie
Azel Shienfield

Ron Fasan

B Team

Ross Bryan (C)
Chris Tang (CC)

Jeremy Abergel
Brock Reilly
Joe Hogan
Colin Grosskurth
Marc Pais
Christopher Smeenk
Alex Cichon
Niklas Zuercher
Christy Jones
Liz Fraser
Alexa N.
Laura Shepherd
Cecilia Leung

Spencer Griffin
Rosalind Ashe

C Team #1

Marc Magnatta (C)

Kevin Tsin
Max B
Rudy Tabije
Ryan Wagner
Joe Lee
Terence Hart
Carmen Maroccia
Alex Maroccia
Bjorn Wagenpfell
Christa Gatto
Monika Magnatta
Stephanie McDonald
Katharine Hunnisett
Katharine Sawicki
Sandra Tsai

Anna K

C Team #2

Keith Chen (C)

Gary Laranja
Sean Liliani
William Russell
Tim Love
Anton Trinkunas
Jessie Denison
Josh Dave
Marco Abreau
Tirro Luckino
Wendy Lyon
Cassie Hunter
Karen Strickland
Sanja Skulic
Joanne Benerowski
Dawn Raynor

Jenny Chiu

TLTL Ladies Team

Monday Nights

Susan Evans (C)
Karin Elz (CC)

Susan Baird
Rosemary Antze
Nicole Li
Deb Molder
Peggy Stoddard
Sally Christie
Leslie Calisina
Emily Harris

Ladies A Team

Claudette Powell (C)
Susan Evans (CC)

Monika Armstrong
Susan Baird
Sally Christie
Jenny Chu
Karin Elz
Christa Gatto
Janet Han
Deb Molder
Alex Pope
Brenda Schneider
Peggy Stoddart

Rosemary Antze (S)
Zoe Asterio-Correa (S)
Leslie Calisina (S)
Andrea Guspie (S)
Emily Harris (S)
Angelica Sidorenko (S)
Lisa Whyatt (S)

Team Tryouts are completed. Teams have been selected.

The 2019 team tryout schedule is posted below. All Team Tryouts will be held at Howard Park on Saturday, April 27 (weather permitting).

Time* Team
April 27; 10 AM-12 PM Mixed B (1 team)
April 27; 12-3 PM Mixed C (2 teams)
April 27; 3-5 PM Mixed Majors
April 27; 3-5 PM Ladies A (daytime)

Ladies TLTL (evening)

*Rainout dates will be scheduled for April 28 at the same times (as needed).


Team Fee

All members who are selected to represent Howard Park pay a non-refundable fee of $20. Note: Your team fee must be paid by June 1 in order for you to be considered a member in good standing of the team. Team captains will no longer be collecting team fees. Team members have the option of paying their team fees online (Visa or MasterCard) or at the Court Managers’ office (credit card, cheque or money order).


On a rotation basis, a pair of team members will be responsible for providing food (snacks and drinks) for home matches at their own expense. Food is made available by the host team at the completion of play.