InterCounty Tennis Association Mixed B Team

2018 Roster

  • Chris Tang – captain
  • Eugene Lu – co-captain
  • Janssen Alminana
  • Errol Hamlyn
  • Brenden Keeling
  • David Wood
  • Joel Lacada
  • Johnny Lacada
  • Rob Cottignies
  • Rafael Garcia
  • Anton Trinkunas
  • Christopher Smeenk
  • Elizabeth Fraser
  • Jenny Chiu
  • Stephanie McDonald
  • Janet Han
  • Emily Harris
  • Laura Shepherd

Substitute Players

  • Jascha Ashiq
  • Kevin Tsin


B-Division: B-Central West | Howard Park Tennis Club 2

Match Time

Tuesdays; 7 to 10 p.m.


The team consists of eight men and four women. All matches are doubles and are a best two out of three sets format. Each week, six matches are played either at home or away: three men’s doubles; two mixed doubles and one women’s doubles.

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