InterCounty Tennis Association Mixed A Team.

We are the intercounty mixed A champions! Howard Park A Team WON in the finals at the Aviva Centre. We won 4-2 against the finalist Brampton!


2018 Roster

  • Mark MacDonald – captain
  • Lisa Whyatt – co-captain
  • Connor Strohm
  • Stan Szczepanski
  • Teg Brar
  • Asi Levron
  • Thomas Logdn
  • Steve Andrulis
  • Manuel Botella
  • Alex Cichon
  • Dan Cibula
  • Ron Fasan
  • Carlos Duran
  • Nicholas Cheung
  • Marcel Ferrari
  • Mohammed Zaid
  • Angelica Sidorenko
  • Christy Jones
  • Zoe Asterio-Correa
  • Monika Armstrong
  • Katherine Sawicka

Substitute Players

  • Spencer Giffin
  • Jamie Rust
  • Alexander Earl


A-Division: A-West | Howard Park Tennis Club 1

Match Time

Thursdays; 7 to 10 p.m.


The team consists of eight men and four women. All matches are doubles and are a best two out of three sets format. Each week, six matches are played either at home or away: three men’s doubles; two mixed doubles and one women’s doubles.

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