Please read carefully our new court booking rules for 2021. We now offer online booking as part of the booking process.

To see our Guest Policy, click here.



Court Booking Rules


    1. It is strongly recommended that you book online when possible. Phone bookings will be accepted while the club is open and staff is working. In-person booking is temporarily suspended during the COVID pandemic.
    2. You are allowed to book courts up to 6 days in advance, rolling by time of day. Courts can be reserved online until the hour of play.

      For example: if today is Sunday and the time is 16:30, you will be able to book as far out as next Saturday for a 16:30 court time.

    3. There are two types of booking sessions: Prime-time sessions and non prime-time sessions.
    4. Prime-time sessions have start times between 5:30pm and 9pm Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, they have start times between 8am and 1pm. On the booking grid, prime-time sessions are colour-coded RED and non prime-time sessions are colour-coded BLACK.
    5. You will have 2 Any-Time Booking Tokens that you can use for either prime-time or non prime-time sessions, plus 1 Non Prime-Time Booking Token that you can use ONLY for non-prime sessions.

      For example: if today is May 17th, and you book 1 session for May 19th, 1 session for May 21st, and 1 session for May 22nd, then today (the day you book 3 sessions in advance) you are “out of token”. However, by the time you finish playing your May 19th session, you will have 1 token freed-up and you can start booking another session.

      Keep in mind that participating in certain programs may cost a booking token. See Notes below for details.

    6. Courts which remain unreserved within 2 (two) hours from the starting time can be booked without using any of your booking tokens by calling the office. This type of booking will have the code NAB (Non-Advance Booking) on the booking grid. Otherwise, you may book it yourself online which will use your booking token. Note: You can only do one NAB at a time.
    7. During prime-time sessions, back to back court bookings are allowed for doubles only. This means BOTH bookings have to be doubles. NAB (Non-Advance Booking) may override this rule.
    8. If you have maxed out your booking tokens, you still may join unplanned, spontaneous play with other members. You MUST notify the Court Attendant on duty to update the booking to include your name. For example: it is possible to play if you happen to be at the club and you are invited to replace a no-show/late show player. Keep in mind this is not an invitation to “game the system” – see rule 15.
    9. All player names must be provided when you are booking a court. Failure to do so is considered an “incomplete booking”.
    10. All courts require at least two players to complete the booking, except Court 3 which can be booked with one player to practice serves during non prime-time sessions only. Serve practice is not allowed on other courts.

      To book Court 3 for serve practice, select “Practice Serves” in the Player 2 input box.

    11. Court booking may be cancelled without penalty up to 60 minutes before the start time. You have to do this yourself. Our staff will not do it for you. If the cancellation is less than 60 minutes before the start time, you (the individual who made the booking or a listed player) will have to notify the Court Attendant by phone and provide a reason for the court cancellation. Failure to cancel a court booking means all players listed on that booking session are considered as a “no-show”.
    12. Player(s) who arrive 10 minutes late past the reserved court start time will be considered as “no-show”. When this happens, the other player(s) who have arrived on time and are waiting on the court must notify the Court Attendant. The court may be released to other members as per Court Attendant’s discretion.
    13. Courts may not be booked without a member’s consent and full intention to play. Use of false names is considered a “false booking”. Members shall notify the Club Manager if they become aware of a “false booking”.
    14. Incomplete bookings, no-shows, and false booking are recorded by the Court Attendant.
    15. Any type of gaming the system (e.g. using someone else’s name as a placeholder) is not allowed. Suspicious patterns (e.g. cancelling more than playing) are subject to review and may be deemed as “misuse”.
    16. Incomplete bookings, no-shows, false bookings and misuse will result in the following penalties:
      • 1st Offence:            Warning
      • 2nd Offence:           Warning (until 1 month from Opening Day only – as a transition allowance)
      • 3rd Offence:            One week online booking suspension
      • 4th Offence:            Two weeks online booking suspension
      • 5th Offence:            One month online booking suspension
      • 6th Offence:            Online booking suspension for the remainder of the club season
    17. During an Online Booking suspension, members may book courts using the NAB (Non-Advance Booking) method only. 


Each of the below activities will cost you 1 (one) Any-Time booking token:

  • being a part of an evening Intercounty Team. You will receive the token back once your Intercounty Team is done playing for the season.
  • playing a ladder match during a prime-time session.
  • participating in a Club tournament. You will receive the token back once you finish your last tournament game.

Each of the below activities will cost you 1 (one) Non Prime-Time booking token:

  • participating in House League (Round Robin will not affect your booking tokens)
  • playing a ladder match during a non prime-time session.
  • being a part of a daytime Intercounty Team. You will receive the token back once your Intercounty Team is done playing for the season.

Additional Booking Rules


  1. Private and semi-private lessons shall take place only on Court 3 and only during non-prime sessions.
  2. Junior Full members must play with at least one adult during prime sessions. 
  3. Junior Limited members do not have booking privileges, but they may play as a guest.

Guest Policy


  • Each member has 10 guest passes per season. Each guest pass is valid for 1 (one) day. NAB (Non-Advance Booking) will not count towards your guest pass.  
  • Guest Pass is $10 per day and must be paid at the time of booking (you will have about 15 minutes to complete the transaction).
  • If the same guest wishes to play additional sessions for the same day, the member will have to contact the office to avoid paying the guest fee again.
  • Guests cannot play during prime time, but NAB may override this rule. 
  • Guest must complete and sign the Club waiver and the COVID waiver prior to playing (they would only need to do it once per season). Click here to access the document.
  • Guest must self-screen for COVID-19 each time before coming to the club. Click here to see how.
  • Guest must play with the sponsoring member.
  • Juniors are not allowed to invite / sponsor a guest.
  • Club Rules apply to Guests.


  1. When are courts available for booking?
    Courts are rolled out 6 days in advance by time of day. For example, on Monday at 5pm, you can book a court as far out as Sunday, 5pm. Another example, on Monday at 7:20pm, you can book a court as far out as Sunday, 7:20pm.
  1. How many courts can I book in advance?
    At any given time, you can have up to 2 any-time court bookings and 1 non-prime time court booking in the rolling 6 days.
  1. How do I modify my booking?
    You yourself cannot modify or edit bookings that you have already made. This is to discourage using other people’s name as a placeholder. If you do need to edit your booking, you will have to cancel your booking and then re-book that session with the new information. Note that by doing this you may lose your court during the process.

    To avoid this problem, make sure that you and your hitting partner(s) are 100% confirmed before booking. 

    We do allow our staff to modify your booking, but only if you call within 60 minutes before the session’s start time. Keep in mind that doing this too often may be considered as a suspicious booking pattern. 

  2. Can I book back to back sessions?
    Back to back court bookings are allowed. However, during prime-time sessions, back to back bookings are allowed for doubles only. This means BOTH bookings have to be doubles. NAB (Non-Advance Booking) may override this restriction.
  3. If a court is sitting empty, can I just jump on it?
    Yes, but make sure you either book the court online yourself, or phone the Court Attendant to book it for you.
  4. I have used all my booking tokens, but there are unreserved courts. Can I play?
    Yes. Courts unreserved within 2 (two) hours from the starting time can be booked without using your booking tokens. Such bookings are made by phoning the Court Attendant and are called NAB (Non-Advance Booking).
  5. Can I just jump on an unreserved court without booking?
    No. Booking records help the Club to understand court utilization and better allocate court time for future use.
    In addition, during the COVID pandemic, the City of Toronto requires us to track all users for contact tracing purposes.
  6. How do I book a court for serve practice?
    Serve practice can only be done on Court 3 and is only allowed during non-prime sessions. To book Court 3 for serve practice, select “Practice Serves” in the Player 2 input box.
  7. How do I invite and play with a guest?
    You do it through the online booking. Guest fees must be paid in the system during the booking process before the court booking is confirmed. Refer to our Guest Policy for more details.
  8. I am concerned that the courts will be booked up too quickly. How will you make sure courts are available?
    The following rules are in place to improve member access to courts:
      • Each member has limited booking tokens.
      • Courts are rolled out gradually throughout the day.
      • We will closely monitor our policies and adjust as necessary during the season to improve members booking experience.