Intercounty Teams

2022 Intercounty Team Rosters

C Team


Marc Magnatta

Stephen Leggett


Justin David

Tim Love

Terry Hart

Daniel Bader

James McMahon

Ben Walter

Tuan Nguyen

Nikolay Sololiev

Tom Petirs

Taylor Schmidt

Howard Chan

Karen Stickland

Cassie Hunter

Emily Huang

Monika Magnatta

Dawn Rhyhmer

Susan Baird

Anna Karpacheva

Sandra Vernooij



B1 Team


Ross Bryan

Patty Jankowski


Tom Barnett

Jeremy Abergel

Daniel Zimskind

Ryan Wagner

Brock O'Reilly

Max Berrevoets

Joe Lee

Carmin Marcoccia

Alex Marcoccia

Harris Daniel

George Borushko

Phil Ranger

Rosalind Ashe

Cecilia Leung

Laura Shepherd

Jenny Chiu

Rosemary Antze

Wendy Lyon



B2 Team


Lisa Whyatt

Jon Laceda


David Wang

Eugene Lu

Chris Tang

Janssen Alminana

Saam Hashemi

Daryl Lwin

Orest Drohobycky

Aloke Nanda

Gurgen Danielian

James Alafriz

Rudy Tabije

Alexa Narodowska

Kiri McDermott-Berryman

Sanja Skulic

Christa Gatto

Catherine Hunnisett

Karin Elz



2022 Intercounty Teams Policy

(Updated: April 21st 2022)

New This Year:

  • Playing for an evening team costs 1 non-prime time token, while playing for a daytime team does not cost any token.

  • Captains and Co-Captains do not have to pay team fee.


  • Tryouts for all Howard Park teams are held at the beginning of the season.

  • All members who wish to be considered for a team must register online in advance.

  • There is no fee to attend tryouts.

  • Members must attend at least one Intercounty tryout to play for any of Howard Park’s Intercounty Teams.

  • Note that by trying out, you may be receiving your rating as well if you have never been rated before.

Tryout Panel

  • The Tryout Panel oversees the tryout process.

  • This panel is comprised of the Club Pro(s) and the Programs Director. Previous year’s team captains may help the Teams Panel during the tryout process.


  • Captains will be determined after the tryouts are completed and the teams have been finalized.

  • The teams themselves will then choose their own captain.

  • The captain is in charge of deciding who will play each week, with whom, and which time slot.

  • Captains and Co-Captains do not have to pay team fee.

Team Selection Criteria

  • Previous results in Intercounty and club tournaments - if applicable

  • Attendance and performance at try-out

  • Discretion of the Teams Committee

Team Selection Process

  • The Teams Committee may choose to have certain participants called back for another tryout.

  • If a participant is unable to attend the call back, his or her record over the prior tryout from that season will be used. It is highly recommended that the participant attends the call back.

  • There will be a meeting held after the final Intercounty Tryout round to determine the players that will be selected for a particular Intercounty Team. The meeting will include the Teams Committee and anyone else that the Teams Committee agrees on inviting.

  • All participants will be contacted via email or phone to be informed whether or not he/she made a certain Team.

  • Final decisions will be also posted on the website.

Team Fee

  • Team fee is $20 per player + responsibility for providing snacks/refreshments at 1 home fixture.

  • Each player must pay their team fee online via their member account.

  • Payment must be received by June 1 for the player to be considered in good standing.

  • The Club reserves the right to suspend a team member until receipt of their team fee payment.

  • Subs are not required to pay team fee unless they play more than 5 games.

Level of Play

  • Mixed Majors players are generally rated 5.0

  • Mixed A players are generally rated 4.5

  • Mixed B players are generally rated 4.0

  • Mixed C players are generally rated 3.5

  • Daytime Ladies players are generally 3.5

  • Evening Ladies players are generally 3.5

Player’s Availability

Players must be available to play at least 2/3 of the days when the League Team competes.

  • Mixed Majors Team plays on Tuesday nights.

  • Mixed A Team plays on Thursday nights.

  • Mixed B Team plays on Tuesday nights.

  • Mixed C Team plays on Thursday nights.

  • Daytime Ladies Team plays on Wednesday mornings.

  • Evening Ladies TLTL Team plays on Monday nights.

Number of Team Members Selected

  • The A, B and C Mixed Intercounty Teams will consist of 6 men, 6 women, and 6 open positions.

  • The Majors Mixed Team will consist of 12 men and 6 women.

  • The Daytime Ladies Team will consist of 12 women.

  • The Evening Ladies Team will consist of 12 ladies.

  • Each team shall have 4 alternates (subs) at maximum for a team.

Note: A player is not allowed to be in more than one team and is not allowed to sub for another team. However, a player who is playing for one evening team may play as a sub for or be a member of the Daytime Ladies Team provided that the latter does not have enough players.

Team practice

  • Each team is assigned a 1 hour practice time per week for the duration of that team’s season.

  • It is up to each individual team on how they use that assigned time.

  • Subs should be included in the practice.

Impact on Booking Tokens

  • Being a part of an evening Intercounty Team will cost 1 (one) Non-prime booking token.

  • Being a part of an daytime Intercounty Team will not cost any booking token.

  • Players will receive the token back once his or her Intercounty Team is done playing for the season.

  • Being a sub doesn’t cost booking token

HPTC 2022 Intercounty Match Rules

HPTC Intercounty Match Rules have been implemented to ensure that all players have an enjoyable experience at our club. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules beforehand. All rulings made by the Programs Director are final.

For a list of the complete Intercounty rules please consult the Intercounty website.


  • Players have 10 minutes max to warm-up.

  • Penalties for arriving late:

    • 10 minutes late: lose warm-up;

    • 25 minutes late: lose first set;

    • 40 minutes late: lose match.

  • Server is allowed 25 seconds between points.

  • 90-second rest after third game of set and every two games thereafter.

  • 90-second break between each sets.


Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated on any of the League Teams.