Club Tournament


This is the place if you want to test your skills and go all the way to be a club champion. This is our last competitive program of the season.




  • Cost: $10 for singles, $5 for each doubles player
  • Rating by the Club Pro is required
  • You can sign-up solo for a Doubles Tournament – and we will try to find you a partner
  • Entries close on the Saturday at 23:59 before the week of the match play



Sep 7 – 12        :     Ladies Singles for both rating levels “3.5 and under” and “3.5 and over”

Sep 14 – 19      :     Mixed Doubles for both rating levels “3.5 and under” and “3.5 and over”

Sep 21 – 26      :     Co-ed Seniors Singles 60+ for any rating level

 Co-ed Beginner Singles for rating level “2.5 and under”

Sep 28 – Oct 3 :      Men’s Singles for rating level “3.5 and under”

Oct 12 -17        :      Men’s Singles for rating level “3.5 and over”

Oct 19 – 31      :      Men’s doubles for both rating levels “3.5 and under” and “3.5 and over”

 Ladies doubles for both rating levels “3.5 and under” and “3.5 and over”


  • Choose one between Co-ed Seniors and Co-ed Beginner (you cannot sign-up for both events)
  • Choose one between “3.5 and under” and “3.5 and over” of the same category
  • Men’s doubles and Ladies doubles registration to open at a later date


Availability Requirement

You must be available on the following days and times of the week that you signed-up for:

  • on Tuesday & Thursday, from 19:00 to 23:30
  • on Friday, from 19:00 to 23:30 in case of rain out matches
  • on Saturday & Sunday, from 11:00 to 21:00
  • Try to make yourself available on the next Monday as well from 19:00 to 23:30 in case of rain out matches


The Draw

  • Draws will be posted on the Sunday prior to the week of the match play
  • Once the draws are sent, no adjustments will be made, except under special circumstances.
  • If player name(s) are omitted from the draw due to administrative error, the draw will be redone
  • If player(s) are omitted from a tournament and cannot provide proof of registration, unfortunately the player(s) will not be participating in the tournament and the draw will not be redone
  • Each player has the responsibility to find out when their first match is scheduled
  • Seeded players are determined by the Programs Committee based on the input of the Head Pro
  • Tournament draws with fewer than eight participants may be cancelled or combined
  • Substitutions may be made prior to completion of the first round
  • If seedings are affected by the substitution, the Tournament Director may re-do the draw


Match Format

  1. Quarterfinal and earlier rounds:
    • pro-sets (a race to 8 games – just like the ladder)
    • one hour time limit
    • if by the one hour mark no one has reached 8 games, the player with the most games wins
    • if by the one hour mark both sides have equal number of games, a one-point sudden death will be played, with the server being decided by spinning a racquet
  1. Semifinal and Final rounds:
    • best 2 out of 3 sets with the 3rd set being a 10 point tiebreaker
    • three hour time limit
    • 7-point tie-breaker at 6 – 6 in the first two sets

Match Rules



Players have only 10 minutes to warm-up. If a player or team is given a penalty for being late, they are allowed a full warm-up from that point in time (10 minutes) without additional penalty.



  • For every 5 full minutes that a player is late for a match, that player/team will lose one game, starting at the 5 minute mark.
  • At the 15 minute mark the player/team will automatically be defaulted


Rescheduling of Matches

  • Matches are to be played during club hours on the day and at the time scheduled without exception
  • A match may be rescheduled if:
    • There is a rain delay of more than 30 minutes
    • The match has been cancelled by the tournament director due to weather conditions
    • In the tournament director’s sole discretion he or she feels that it would be fair and appropriate under the circumstances to reschedule the match



  • Failure to play a match due to injury may result in default.


Code of Conduct

  • Tournament rules are to be strictly followed, and on-court conduct and sportsmanship is expected or player(s) will be disqualified.