Intercounty Tennis Association

We are the 2018 Intercounty Mixed A champions! Howard Park A Team WON in the finals at the Aviva Centre. We won 4-2 against the finalist Brampton!



Howard Park is proud to offer a vibrant and competitive teams program!

All members have the opportunity to attend team tryouts in order to vie for a much-coveted spot on a Howard Park roster. Team play at Howard Park is competitive, however, the fun and cooperative environment also fosters lifelong friendships.

Our club participates in the InterCounty Tennis Association league with Mixed and Ladies’ teams, as well as the Toronto Ladies Tennis League (TLTL).

Team Tryouts

The 2018 team tryout schedule is posted below. All Team Tryouts will be held at Howard Park on Saturday, April 21 (weather permitting).

Time* Team
April 21; 10 AM-12 PM Mixed C
April 21; 12-3 PM Mixed B (2 teams)
April 21; 3-5 PM Mixed A
April 21; 3-5 PM Ladies Majors and Ladies TLTL

*Rainout dates will be scheduled for April 28 at the same times (as needed).

Tryout Registration

Advance registration is required for all team tryouts:

>> Click here to register for Team Tryouts

Teams Oversight Policy

The Howard Park teams program is governed by the Teams Oversight Policy:

>> Click here to view the 2018 Teams Oversight Policy

Team Fee

All members who are selected to represent Howard Park pay a non-refundable fee of $20. Note: Your team fee must be paid by June 1 in order for you to be considered a member in good standing of the team. Team captains will no longer be collecting team fees. Team members have the option of paying their team fees online (Visa or MasterCard) or at the Court Managers’ office (credit card, cheque or money order).


On a rotation basis, a pair of team members will be responsible for providing food (snacks and drinks) for home matches at their own expense. Food is made available by the host team at the completion of play.


Questions about the teams program can be directed to our Programs Director at

Board of Directors:

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  • Mark MacDonald
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